DEVELOPMENT OF VERSATILE MULTIPLEX ANTIGEN DIAGNOSTIC TESTS FOR RELEVANT INFECTIONS OF SWINE. On March the 27th and 28th, the final meeting of the Eurostars Research and Development European Project was held in Madrid

The MultiDETECT Project is led by INGENASA (Madrid, Spain) and involves Aptus BIOTECH (Madrid, Spain), a SME specialized in aptamer design and selection, SURFIX BV (Wageningen,The Netherlands), expert in the development of nanocoatings for micro- and nanodevices, and ABERIT (Rzeszow,Poland), a software company specialized in IT languages for the development of web and mobile applications. Two research institutes have also been part of the Project: Agrifood Research Center (CICAP), with experience in research and diagnosis of different swine infectious diseases, and the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), as external collaborating entity through the Veterinarian Laboratory of Infectious Diseases Diagnostics of the Centre for Research into Animal Health

Eurostars program promotes collaborative research activities between SME and other innovative agents with the aim of launching to the market a new product in the two years after the end of the project. It also facilitates the accessibility of SMEs to public funding through the coordination of the European national funding bodies. In Spain, the body designated is the Center for the Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)

The main goal of the MultiDETECT Project is the development of diagnostic assays for the multiple detection of respiratory (PCV2, PRRSV, SIV, M. hyopneumoniae) and enteric (PDEV, TGEV, rotavirus) swine pathogens, as well as the readout of the results using a mobile application that allows connectivity to control units and farm management.

Lateral flow, ELISA, ELASA and microarray assays have been developed, and pathogen-specific recognition molecules such as antibodies and aptamers have been employed to achieve the aim of the project.

The prototypes obtained along this three-year project were evaluated, and the mobile App and lab-and-farm management web were presented during the meeting.


                                   ELISA                                                                                      LATERAL FLOW                                                                     MICROARRAY