Ingenasa is a developer and manufacturer of diagnostic test kits with a broad range of applications in Veterinary Diagnostics and Food Safety. Over the last 30 years, Ingenasa has put a very strong focus on research and innovation and today provides its customers with a wide range of ELISA and PCR assays to detect viral and bacterial pathologies in both farm and companion animals. In addition, Ingenasa further completes the offering of Eurofins Technologies in allergen detection.

Fields of expertise are:

  • Veterinary diagnostics with the broadest catalogue in the market for diagnostic assays in veterinary medicine, with tools that help with both the health management of farms and the eradication of several diseases.
  • Food safety: allergen detection with the ELISA-based Gluten detection method using the world renowned antibody R5, along with a range of Lateral Flow Devices and ELISA assays for the detection of Casein, Beta-Lactoglobulin and Ovoalbumin.
  • Human diagnosis: development of a series of high interest reagents.




We are a biotechnology company, we provide solutions adapted to the needs of our customers, both in veterinary and human diagnosis, food safety and plant health


INGENASA wants to be recognized as a reference in the biotechnology sector worldwide, highlighting the quality of its service and the technical solutions provided. Likewise, the main goal is to consolidate the company in the market through sustained growth. Therefore, we consider very important the participation in consolidated associations on the sector which help us to complete our external image thanks to the offer of client training or conference attendance.

In the internal scope of the company, we try to have a team of people motivated and committed to the project.


We are a committed and accessible organization, our main vocation is to offer a professional service of quality and an excellent treatment to our clients as a response to the confidence that they place day to day in us.



Currently the available space is 2,000 m2 divided into areas of R & D, tissue culture area, genetics lab, production rooms, quality control laboratory, offices and warehouses.

For everyday activity the company has made a huge investment in technology, ranging from cabins, fermentors and cell banks to bioreactors, nitrogen tanks and thermocyclers.

In the ​​production area, processes has been automated using the OYSTER BAY Team PUMP WORKS, INC. Its high performance is associated with a comprehensive control well to well. The traceability is ensured by implementing a barcode system.

We have also improve our available storage space (5 cold rooms) optimized to conserve reagents and finished products.



In INGENASA, a Quality Management and Environmental Management System has been implemented and rigorously applied, which meets the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 standards "Quality Management Systems and UNE EN ISO 14001: 2015 "Environmental management systems". 

These are our Quality System cornerstone elements:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Minimize the environmental impact that any of our activities may produce.
  • Guarantee and promote the best conditions and the best work environment for the company's personnel
  • Optimize the production and management processes of the company 


INGENASA Policy is based on the following commitments: 

  • Commitment to comply with all requirements, whether legal, contractual or otherwise that are applicable to us because of our activity, so that our action cannot contravene the requirements and legal specifications established by the different public administrations.        
  • Commitment to carry out our work within a management environment that guarantees a continuous improvement in our processes, in our methods of action and in our relationships with interested parties, through the establishment and periodic review of our objectives and our policy.
  • Commitment to promote an understanding and dissemination of our Policy within the organization, through training and continuous communication with our workers, suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Commitment to prevent pollution in all our activities, within the possibilities and characteristics of our company.
  • Commitment to effectively control all our activities, with special emphasis on:   
    • Quality of our diagnostic products and services.   
    • Customer relationship   
    • Waste and biohazard management.
  • Commitment to make available and made public to interested parties our Policy.

The Policy is disseminated to all staff through training seminars, dissemination of copies and / or placement of copies on the INGENASA bulletin boards. In this way, INGENASA ensures that the Policy is understood by all the personnel of the company. 

The review of the Policy, as well as the establishment and review of specific and quantified objectives, is carried out in the management review.